Single from The Hyper Traveler Album
Track Number Seven
Written and Composed by Allan Banford.

Music Producer

Allan Banford’s journey into music began amidst the raw energy of punk, ska, and grunge genres. However, it was his discovery of the electronic music scene that truly ignited his passion, revealing the boundless potential at the intersection of sound and technology.

Evolved Records
Evopro Recordings
NB Records

Allan Banford’s journey as a music producer began within the confines of his recording studio in the UK, where he embarked on a relentless pursuit of innovation. Crafting underground productions that defied convention, Banford pushed the boundaries of sonic exploration, carving a niche for himself in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

His journey into the realm of music production was shaped by his early exposure to diverse musical genres, ranging from the raw energy of punk, ska, and grunge to the mesmerizing sounds of electronic music. It was the latter that truly captured his imagination, revealing the boundless potential at the intersection of sound and technology.

Inspired by the pioneering work of electronic music visionaries, Banford set out to carve his own path in the industry, driven by a desire to create music that transcended traditional boundaries and resonated with audiences on a profound level. Banford’s breakthrough as a music producer came with the release of the EP “Essential Elements” on the esteemed Swedish label SLS Records.

This bold offering immediately captured the attention of industry heavyweights, with luminaries like Jeff Mills taking notice and featuring Banford’s work in his seminal DVD “The Exhibitionist.”The exposure catapulted Banford into the spotlight, earning him widespread acclaim and recognition from revered labels like Carl Cox’s Intec Records, where his EP “Best of British” soared to the top of the charts, becoming a number one hit.

Building on the success of his early releases, Banford embarked on a journey of artistic exploration and innovation. In his quest to push the boundaries of electronic music, he established Evolved Records, a groundbreaking label dedicated to showcasing the work of established artists who dared to venture into uncharted musical territories. With a keen eye for talent and a passion for nurturing creativity, Banford also launched Evopro Recordings, providing a platform to support emerging talents and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their unique artistic vision. In addition to his work as a label owner and curator, Banford ventured into the realm of vinyl and audiovisual productions, founding NB Records as a platform to curate his own ventures.

Through NB Records, Banford unleashed a series of groundbreaking releases that pushed the boundaries of traditional music production, blurring the lines between sound and visual artistry. His innovative approach caught the eye of media giants like MTV Dance and esteemed publications such as Slices Magazine, further solidifying his influence within the industry and cementing his status as a visionary music producer.

Central to Banford’s creative process is his unwavering passion for technology and its transformative potential in the world of music production. Embracing the symbiotic relationship between technology and creativity, Banford seamlessly integrates cutting-edge tools into his productions, shaping his distinctive sound and electrifying live performances. His affinity for technology earned him a coveted position as an artist with Rane, a globally renowned company celebrated for its revolutionary Serato Scratch Live technology. Through his collaboration with Rane, Banford continues to push the boundaries of music production, pioneering new techniques and technologies that redefine the landscape of electronic music.

Banford’s electrifying live performances serve as a testament to his innovative approach to music production. Combining cutting-edge technology with raw artistic talent, he creates immersive sonic experiences that captivate audiences and transport them to new musical dimensions. Each performance is a carefully crafted journey through sound and emotion, showcasing Banford’s ability to push the boundaries of traditional music production and create something truly extraordinary.

As a music producer, Allan Banford’s impact extends far beyond the confines of the recording studio. His pioneering spirit and relentless pursuit of innovation have revolutionized the electronic music scene, inspiring a new generation of artists to push the boundaries of sonic exploration. With each groundbreaking release and electrifying performance, Banford continues to push the limits of what is possible in music production, leaving an indelible mark on the global electronic music landscape.


  • Allan Banford, Allan Banford.
  • Greatest Hits CD Compilation – 81Japan.
  • Salsa / Brasiluz.
  • The Last Unicorn.

Vinyl Discography

  • Confessions Delivered EP.
  • White Geishas / Jade Stone EP.
  • Here We Are / Globalization.
  • Emporer Of Sound EP – Primate Recordings.
  • Audiomagnetic – Un-Limited Records.
  • The Last Unicorn – Definitive Recordings.
  • Best Of British EP – Intec Records.
  • Essential Elements EP – SLS.


  • Compiland – Evolved Records.
  • The Big Bang EP – Cubix – Evopro Recordings.
  • Egotrax Remix – Ego Traxx Records.
  • Ultracompress – Sao Paulo EP.
  • Hunter Gatherer – G-Force Records.

Appears in

  • Carl Cox @ Space (CD) Intec Records.
  • Formula Premiere Tron – G Force Records.
  • Samuel L. Session – Again On Monoid (CD).
  • Cristian Valrela Changements (CD).
  • Luck Pusher E.P. Wetmusik.

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